Bogomolets National  Medial University, Kyiv is hailed as one of the best medical institutions not only in Ukraine but also in Europe. Situated in the heart of the cosmopolitan city of kiev, this university has been the destination of choice for thousands of students from all over the world. This institution of excellence enjoys a world class reputation as a premium center of learning. Graduates from this university are to be found in 1 in every 4 countries working as highly successful medical professionals ranging from surgeons, intensives, general practitioner and clinical researchers. Keeping at par with the latest medical innovations all around the world. This university provides its laureates and students state-of the art research facilities  and equipment. Extraordinary medical feats are performed by its distinguished alumni at highly specialized affiliated medical centers all over Kyiv and across Ukraine.  This academy is known for its high standard of education and rigorous assessment policies which ensure optimum standard of education and training.

We understand that graduates from this university shall be held responsible for the lives of millions tomorrow, so we are due towards humanity to prepare them match international standards. Students of NMU are trained not only to be oriented only towards academics bot also extra-curricular activities such as debates, extempore,team work, entrepreneurial ideas, creative work and charitable pursuits. We aim towards an overall healthy development of mind and body of our students at our university.

Studying in  NMU is not just  about learning, it is about growing up an all round development. We do not just create doctors; we mould and nurture them to be compassionate human beings dedicated towards severing humanity as a whole, rising above and beyond personal interest. NMU is not just a university it is a way of living.


Students studying in Bogomolets National Medical University can choose from a wide variety of 10 full time courses which are

Medical School with 4 faculties of:
General Medicine | Pediatrics | Preventive Care | Surgery
School of Military Medicine.
School of Dentistry.
School of Medical Psychology.
School for Postgraduate Training and Residency.
School for Postgraduate Training  in Preventive Medicine.


MBBS Fees for Bogomolets National Medical University

  1st Year2nd to 6th Years
Tuition Fees/yr.$ 6900$ 4300
Hostel Fees/Yr.$ 1000$ 1000
Insurance$ 100$ 100
Total Fees in US Dollars/yr.$ 8000$ 5400
Total Fees in (INR)/yr. (approx.)Rs. 538319.61Rs. 363365.74
**1US Dollar= 67.29 Rupees (subject to slight variations due to exchange rates)